Latest Episode: 21/3/2017

On The Land - Episode 99

Nick Page.Drench resistance looming large again.Unless we change management methods the industry will be facing resistance to the new formulas as well. Here is what to do.Barry Hantz Stealing of hives an inside job.Reports that bee hives are being stolen suggests that experienced bee keepers are the ones doing it.Cropping farmers have to pay up or miss out.Cropping farmers are complaining that bee keepers are charging too much for pollination, however beekeepers say the charges are in keeping with costs.Manuka honey crop a disaster.Some beekeepers will be for driven out of the industry because of the lack of income, as MPI tighten checks on Manuka honey labelled product to ensure it is true to label. Phil Worthington. Lowlines are not just a hobby breed.Yield and marbling are proving that the Lowline breed can hold it’s own against the breeds with longer legs.Dennis Carter.Radish crops high return, and risks getting being reduced.With returns at around $10,000 and costs at about $5,000 a hectare Radish crops are looking very inviting, especially as the risks are being eliminated through experience. Melanie Bates.F.A.R. showing real costs for cropping farmers.Cropping farmers can now find out real costs and real margins available through a benchmarking scheme being run by FAR.Dan Schat Companies launching new products at SIFD Kirwee.The SIFD innovation awards have lead to a variety of companies choosing to launch new products at the field days next week.Stuart Jones.Kirwee benefits from Field days.With more than 35,000 people plus exhibiters pouring into the tiny town of Kirwee the local businesses will be cashing in.Tania. On The land welcomes new reporter and front lady. Tania Green has joined the On The Land team as a reporter and presenter. Her experience will be a huge asset to the programme and those who are involved with it.

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